Session 1 Focus

The Arts In Culture Gateway will highlight this focus: “Artists, Orality and our Post-textual World— How do we declare GOD’s Reality and Access?"

Christians live in a “post-textual” world.  Most people today (around the world) are oral preference learners.  We need to declare the Bible and do Discipleship in more than just words and ideas.  We must disciple, form community, and declare GOD’s presence in story, picture, drama, digital forms, and more — and Artists are hard-wired by GOD as some of the best people to facilitate this sort of ORAL DECLARATION of GOD’s reality, truth, beauty and virtue.

This Gateway will seek to do three things: 

1)     Give a biblical foundation for the FACT that Artists (imaginative expression specialists) are hard-wired by God with unusual wisdom in creating environments wherein humans touch the transcendent realities of God and Life;

2)     Give practical examples of how ORALITY goes beyond just storytelling by embracing many other human expressions and contexts; and

3)     Give helpful insight into getting started right where you are in using your “creativity” – at whatever level – to “orally” declare GOD’s reality and availability.

Session 2 Focus

 (Note – this will be a combined session of the Media Gateway and Arts In Culture Gateway)

Expanding the world of media through the arts and engaging our target audience with media that matches their learning preference.

Media is more than technology, media is people who use God’s gifts to express His character and message creatively, and design environments where they encounter Him in a way that matches the learning preferences of our target audience.


Byron Spradlin

Founder & President, Artists in Christian Testimony Intl


John Franklin

Executive Director, IMAGO



Tara Rye

Executive Coach, Cru

President/Founder, Cultivating Hearts Ministries.

Ruth Thorogood