Sat, 9:30 AM : Focused Interest Seminars #2


Sat, 9:30 - 10:30 PM :

Participants choose one of the following Focused Interest Seminars

Orality Concepts in Leadership Development

Focus: Church and mission leaders globally are aware of the great need for leadership training that is cross-cultural, transferable, and reproducible.  Yet many of the leadership training resources available today in the west are not appropriate for those who need them in the global south. 

This seminar will address the topic of leadership training by sharing basic concepts, and examples of how oral principles and strategies are producing strong, godly leaders, both in the global south and in the west.  We will also look at the commonalities and fruitful practices being used to reach and equip oral-preference learners that western leaders can use and adapt to enhance their own effectiveness in family, church, ministry, and business life.  Additionally, we will explore how narrative, communal and relational aspects, as well as action learning and guided-discovery models are being used in leadership development. You’ll hear how God is using Orality Leadership Workshops and Oral Strategies to accelerate rapidly reproducing disciple-making and church-planting movements around the world.

Join us in this global community of learning and practice, as we grow in our understanding of what is needed to equip leaders to work among the least and last unreached people groups, and right here in North America.


Dr. Jerry Wiles : President Emeritus, Living Water International - North America Regional Director, ION

Talking Book Library:  Visual Impairment, Print Disability, and the Future of Orality

Focus : According to the World Health Organization, 1.3 billion people live with some form of vision impairment.  Despite the huge opportunity to reach people who must read with their ears, there are only a handful of organizations around the world that promote and produce Christ-centred audio books and magazines, and Talking Book Library is the only Canadian organization with this sole purpose.  In this workshop, we discuss the unique needs of TBL’s patrons, the challenges of reaching this neglected field, and the opportunities this presents for local and global mission.


Raymond Chu: Talking Book Library

How Do You Learn the Harder Bible Stories?

Focus : This is BibleTelling 301.  This session builds on top of the previous one.  We move from stories that have hard parts in them, to ones that are difficult all the way through.  John Walsh will start this session giving an example – a Pauline epistle in story form.


John Walsh: President, Bible Telling

Collaboration and Partnership



Presenter (pending confirmation)

City Reaching Strategies for Oral-Preference Learners



Dave Imboden: The Table Coalition

Ruth Thorogood