Sat, 8:15 AM : Session #7


Sat, 8:15 - 9:15 AM

focused interest seminar 1

  1. Orality Concepts for Leadership Formation

  2. Talking Book Library: Visual Impairment, Print Disability, and the Future of Orality

  3. How Do You Learn The Harder Bible Stories?

  4. Simply The Story

  5. Partnership and Collaboration

  6. City Reaching Strategies for Oral-Preference Learners

  7. Storying and ESL


Jerry Wiles : President Emeritus, Living Water International - North America Regional Director, ION

Raymond Chu (Talking Book Library)

John Walsh (Bible Telling)

JoAn (Simply the Story)

Presenter (pending invitation)

Dave Imboden (The Table Coalition)

Jan Walsh (Language Olympics)

Ruth Thorogood