Sat, 8:15 AM : Session #7


Sat, 8:15 - 9:15 AM

focused interest seminar 1


Orality Concepts for Leadership Formation

Jerry Wiles : President Emeritus, Living Water International - North America Regional Director, ION

Talking Book Library: Visual Impairment, Print Disability, and the Future of Orality

How Do You Learn The Harder Bible Stories?

John Walsh: President, Bible Telling

Simply The Story

Partnership and Collaboration

Presenter (pending invitation)

City Reaching Strategies for Oral-Preference Learners

Dave Imboden: The Table Coalition

Storying and ESL

Jan Walsh: Author, Language Olympics

Lasting Impressions - Culturally Sensitive iconographic Visual Language in support of Sharing His Story

Bert Vandermark: Owner, Studio Montage

Ruth Thorogood